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Here’s everything you need to know about peptides and buying peptides online. ResearchPeptides delivers the most accurate and medically-approved content on the web. 

Let's learn more about what peptides are and where you can buy peptides in USA. 

What are Peptides?

Peptides Definition: short strings of amino acids comprised of 2-5 amino acids.

Essentially, peptides are smaller versions of proteins used both for research purposes and therapeutic purposes. Moreover, because they are smaller and more broken down than proteins, peptides are easier for the body to absorb. Consequently, they can effectively penetrate the skin and intestine, enabling them to enter the bloodstream more quickly.

Creatine peptides and collagen peptides are the most common peptide supplements available. Creatine has been shown to build muscle mass and strength, while collagen may benefit skin health. Others take peptide hormones to enhance their athletic activity.

Currently, human use of peptides is prohibited and should only be used by licensed researchers. Still, scientists are aware of the benefits of bioactive peptides and their effects on the body to improve human health.

What Do Peptides Do?

According to research, peptides function by providing the body with essential amino acids which get down-regulated as we age. For instance, insulin-like growth factor is produced naturally in the body. But when we get stressed and as we age, that production is reduced significantly. Therefore, peptides are vital for the human body to function effectively.

Some peptides act like neurotransmitters in the body, while others act like hormones. They control and influence how the body reacts to diet and physical exercise.

Take human growth hormone (HGH), for example — the body requires several amino acids in order to produce adequate amounts of that hormone. Let’s say your body isn’t making or absorbing enough of those amino acids. That would mean lowered growth hormone production, resulting in poorer recovery and performance.

It’s one of the main reasons fitness buffs take amino acid supplementation, otherwise known as peptides supplementation.

Unfortunately, the Anti-Doping Agency has banned peptides for therapeutic use due to conflicting research. But as studies continue, scientists learn more and more about what peptides do and how they can benefit the human body.

Recent research has shown that certain types of peptides offer potential anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peptide Uses

Research indicates that benefits of bioactive peptides include lowering high blood pressure, reducing inflammation, diminishing microbes, and more. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of peptides, as reported by scientific research.

Increases Bone Mass

Apparently, animal research connects moderate intake of peptides with an increase in bone mass in growing rats. According to the study, peptides offered a useful means to counteract age-related bone loss.

Undoubtedly, more research is necessary — particularly on humans — to fully understand peptides effects on bone density. So far, studies look promising.

Slows the Aging Process

The protein collagen is naturally found in the skin, hair, and nails. Taking collagen peptides has been shown to improve skin health and significantly decelerate the aging process.

As per studies, peptides are linked to improved skin elasticity and hydration. This means it could be a possibly effective treatment for wrinkles. And because peptides also stimulate melanin production, a skin pigment, it could also protect the skin from sun damage.

Builds Muscle Mass

According to research, studies on older adults indicates that peptides can increase muscle mass and strength. In the study, participants combined creatine peptide supplement use with resistance training.

The results showed how effective peptides are for building muscle and strength.

Speeds Up Wound Healing

Scientists have long studied the link between peptides and wound healing. Studies demonstrate that peptides can reduce inflammation and act as antioxidants at the same time, improving the body’s ability to heal — and speed up healing.

Current research is placing the spotlight on antimicrobial peptides, which have shown to improve wound healing. However, researchers noted that having very high or low levels of certain antimicrobial peptides may contribute to skin disorders like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Types of Peptides

There is a wide variety of peptides available on the market for those who may be interested in using them. The offerings on the market are categorized into groups based on their mode of action. Let’s take a look at the most popular peptides available to buy.

Growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH)

GHRH works by stimulating the secretion of growth hormone to activate cell proliferation, cell differentiation, and development of somatotrophs.

CJC 1295 DAC

This peptide differs from other peptides because of how long the effects last. CJC’s half-life is estimated at approximately one week, making it highly effective for producing desired effects.


Sermorelin has a similar structure and is commonly studied for anti-aging purposes. However, scientists have also learned that this peptide boosts muscle growth in the body. While it may be potent for improving HGH levels, it has a very short half-life of 10 minutes or less.

Growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP)

GHRP causes secretion of larger amounts of GH in the body. They are available in the following types:


According to researchers, this peptide can increase muscle mass, stimulate fat loss, and promote growth hormone release. It also helps in fighting inflammation and optimizing recovery. Additionally, it both encourages the pituitary to produce GH, as well as suppresses somatostatin which could jeopardize release.


GHRP-2 is stronger than the latter peptide, but it is used for similar purposes. While it hasn’t been shown to stimulate appetite like the other peptide, researchers have discovered it to improve lean muscle mass in testing subjects.


Ipamorelin stimulates the pituitary and also suppresses somatostatin. Not only is it a powerful growth hormone releasing peptide, it also doesn’t increase your appetite or cause your cortisol levels to rise.


Believed to be effective for muscle building, anti-aging, and fat loss, according to scientific studies, Hexarelin is one of the strongest peptides.

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

These compounds target specific muscle groups and is available in different variants.


Comprised of 83 amino acids, this peptide adds an extra 13 amino acids to the sequence of the average insulin-like growth factor-1. In addition, it boasts a half life of 30 hours, compared to IGF-1’s 15 hours. Recent studies have shown it to have positive effects on the human body including muscle mass growth, quicker recovery, and fat burning.

What are Research Peptides?

Research Peptides Definition: peptides that are used in scientific research.

In recent years, peptides have earned a lot of recognition as being highly effective in therapeutic applications. They’re also considered relatively safe and well tolerated in subjects. That’s why the interest in peptides for pharmaceutical research and development is growing all the time.

Drawing from scientific experimentation, pure peptides look promising for future pharmaceuticals and therapeutics. As we’ve already shown you, the peptides health benefits are rather impressive. Naturally, researchers want to understand more about peptide hormones so that they can progress in these avenues of research.

Side Effects of Peptides

Currently, peptides are not approved or regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thus, you should exercise caution when using peptides.

Overall, peptides are generally considered safe by researchers.

As research progresses, more and more is being learned about peptides and their effects on the human body. In the future, as science advances, peptides will be effective in treating a number of health issues from high blood pressure to bone loss and possibly even cancer prevention.

Peptides in Foods

Recent scientific evidence suggests that peptides can also be derived from food proteins. Subsequently, such proteins don’t merely serve as nutrients, but as modulators to the body’s physiological functions — regulated by peptides encrypted in the native protein sequences.

In the past few years, a huge range of food-derived bioactive peptides have been identified by researchers, with numerous beneficial health activities. 

So what foods are peptides in?

The most widely common animal products peptides can be extracted from include:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Meat
  • Soy
  • Oat
  • Canola
  • Flaxseed
  • Hemp seed
  • Wheat
  • Pulses (beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils)
  • Fish
  • Oyster
  • Salmon
  • Squid
  • Oyster
  • Snow crab

Where to Find USA Peptides For Sale?

When you buy peptides online, it must be done with careful consideration to ensure you receive the highest quality peptides from a reputable and reliable supplier. Unfortunately, there are many peptides companies online that sell fake products that do not work. In some cases, these fake supplements can cause fatal health problems. Thus, it is always best to do your research prior to buying peptides.

There are a number of US peptides suppliers 2020. As for which is the best supplier of USA Research peptides, there are a few. It should be noted, the ones to look for are the ones that explicitly state for research purposes only and not for human usage. It is currently not approved by the health authorities to use these products for muscle building, anti-aging, energy boosting etc. They must only be purchased by authorized research scientists.

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U.S.A. Manufactured, these peptides undergo the most stringent quality control standards all to ensure that you receive them in their purest form.  

Through High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry analysis, Peptide Sciences peptide supplier guarantees the purity, accuracy, and identity of each peptide. You can purchase peptides online directly from this supplier. 

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