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Melanotan 2

Buy melanotan 2. MT2 peptide is a lab-made chemical often used for the research in tanning. Other benefits of melanotan 2 include minimized risk of melanoma, reduced body fat, and increased libido, as tests showed. Where to buy melanotan 2? Right here May 2023.

Melanotan 2
Melanotan 2 (2mg x 10 Vials)
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Product Description

Melanotan 2 10mg High Purity & USA Manufactured

Melanotan II (MT2) is a lab-made chemical which induces skin tanning. The Melanotan 2 peptide was originally made to help treat certain skin conditions, but recent studies show that it is effective at tanning the skin.

Melanocyte Stimulating Hormones (MSH) are a class of peptide hormones produced in the pituitary gland that stimulate pigment cells (melanocytes) in the skin. In simpler terms, it helps to produce and release melanin, which leads to darker skin and also darker hair. Melanotan II increases melanin production by triggering skin pigment cells called melanocytes.

According to research[i], the peptide melanotan 2 has shown not only to create tanning effects, but to produce erections in mice with erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as treat rosacea, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Currently, this peptide has not been approved for use and should only be purchased and used by trained researchers.

Melanotan 2 Information

In this article, we are going to provide you with in-depth information about melanotan 2 peptide. So if you are wondering what is melanotan 2 and what effects it has, we’re going to explore that in this article.

Melanotan ii peptide is growing increasingly popular as a research peptides. It’s unique in the way that it tans the skin evenly and naturally without needing to expose themselves for hours in the sun, as research on animals has shown. A practice, though common, that severely damages the skin.

Research has shown, Melanotan 2 effects also include weight loss, increased libido, and sun damage protection.

Please note, melanotan 2 peptides are not currently legal for personal use. In order to buy melanotan online, you will need to be a verified scientific researcher.

How Melanotan 2 Works

Melanotan is much like a substance called “melanocyte-stimulating hormone.” As mentioned above, this hormone heightens the production of skin-darkening pigments leading to darker skin.

It non-selectively mimics the action of melanocortin peptides — natural hormones responsible for pigmentation, sexual functioning, energy homeostasis, inflammation, the immune system, and the cardiovascular system. Melanotan II stimulates the creation of eumelanin, causing the skin to go darker.

According to scientific trials[ii], tanning effects can occur.

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The structure of melanotan 2. [PubMed]

What is Melanin?

Melanin is the skin pigment that protects the skin from UV radiation and damage. Known as the body’s own natural sunscreen, low levels of melanin leaves the skin highly susceptible to DNA damage — especially with excess sun exposure.

For example, mice with fair skin have a lot less melanin than mice with naturally darker skin. This means the former are more at risk of DNA damage.

Benefits of a Melanotan 2

Scientists have long been studying the effects of melanotan 2 on the mice body. What they’ve found so far is that it can create the following effects:

  • Darker skin with less exposure to UV radiation
  • Minimize risk of melanoma, otherwise known as skin cancer
  • Reduce incidence of sun-damaged skin
  • Enable fair skinned mice to develop a tan through MT2 peptide without causing damage to their skin
  • Eliminate body fat
  • Increase libido
  • Stimulate male erections

During clinic trials, melanotan 2 tanning agent was also found to be a potent stimulator of female sexual desire in mice with sexual arousal disorder.

Melanotan 2 for Tanning

Scientific studies suggest that by stimulating melanin production with melanotan 2, researcher can achieve more tanned skin without the dangers of excess sun exposure for the animals in the studies.

Scientists first discovered the use of this tanning peptide when researching possible ways to treat skin cancer. They hypothesized that by stimulating the body’s natural pigmentary system through the process of melanogenesis, a safe and protective tan could be created prior to UV exposure. Thus,  significantly reducing the potential for skin damage.

Only a little UV exposure is needed to cause the release of a- Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone to increase the production of melanin from the melanocytes in the skin. Melanotan 2 tanning peptide has been shown to offer great tanning potential, for all skin types.

As per clinical trials, using Melanotan II may promote melanogenesis, with minimal side effects. Melanogenesis works by protecting the hypodermis, the layer under the skin from the UV-B light that causes damage. By absorbing all of the UV-B light, it blocks its passage into the skin layer.

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Impact of melanotan 2 on sociability in rodents. [PubMed]

Melanotan 2 for Weight Loss

According to clinical research, melanotan 2 weight loss effects are quite significant. The peptide plays an important role in the process of fat loss due to three primarily reasons:

  1. It suppresses the appetite by forcing the body to consume less. This will result in natural fat loss.
  2. It reduces visceral and subcutaneous fat tissues, leading to active weight loss.
  3. It boosts the metabolism which heightens activity, causing you to lose weight.

Research shows that Melanotan ll triggers fat tissues in the body of animals to melt and get rid of excess body fat. Additionally, the metabolism boost enables mice to run longer.

Melanotan 2 weight loss peptide is an active ingredient that definitely looks promising from what research shows.

Melanotan 2 for Sexual Drive

Both male mice and female mice suffer erectile dysfunction (ED). Studies are looking into the effects of melanotan 2 on libido and by the looks of it, it looks like MT2 can really change things in that department.

According to research, melanotan 2 can increase the libido and stimulate sex drive in both sexes.

Side effects of Melanotan II

As reported by researchers, potential side effects of this peptide after administration in animals could include:

  • Facial flushing
  • Stomach cramps and nausea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Spontaneous erections 1-5 hours after administration

As for the long-term side effects of melanotan 2, there are a few concerns. In fact, these concerns are a prime reason for melanotan 2 not being legal for use as of yet. More research needs to be carried out on this drug to ensure it is completely safe prior to making it available on the market.

Some long-term side effects could include melanoma[iii], a potentially serious form of skin cancer, recent tests on mice showed.

Darkening of moles and the appearance of new moles; and melanonychia – dark discoloration of one or more nails.

Melanotan 2 USA Reviews 2023

Before you buy MT2, it would be a good idea to read through reviews to see if the product is right for your research. Melanotan peptides are growing increasingly popular among medical researchers wanting to investigate their effects. The research so far looks highly interesting and it could soon be approved by the FDA for consumption too.

Clearly, there are numerous benefits of melanotan 2. From tanning to weight loss, melanotan 2 benefits are significant as tests in animals showed. You can also look out for melanotan 2 usa reddit reviews in order to gain a fuller understanding of what it does and how it works.

What is the Melanotan Price?

If you would like to buy melanotan ii, make sure you get the best deal for your money. That doesn’t mean looking for the cheapest – or the most expensive melanotan 2 for sale. It just means finding a melanotan 2 supplier that offers you value for money and research.

Fortunately, there are many melanotan 2 suppliers USA to choose from. However, you still need to buy with ease to ensure you get a high-quality product.

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Author info: The information provided in this article was taken from studies carried out by recognized researchers including Ückert, Stefan, Andreas Bannowsky, Knut Albrecht, and Markus A Kuczyk, Dorr, Robert T., Ruskin Lines, Normice Levine, Christine Brooks, Li Xiang, Victor J. Hruby, and Mac E. Hadley, Hjuler, Kasper Fjellhaugen, and Henrik Frank Lorentzen.


[i] Ückert, Stefan, Andreas Bannowsky, Knut Albrecht, and Markus A Kuczyk. “Melanocortin Receptor Agonists in the Treatment of Male and Female Sexual Dysfunctions: Results from Basic Research and Clinical Studies.” Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs 23, no. 11 (August 6, 2014): 1477–1483. doi:10.1517/13543784.2014.934805.

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