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Pinealon for Sale. Pinealon peptide can protect neurons, treat depression, and even prevent neurological disorders as research on animals has shown. Get pinealon for sale USA here.

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Pinealon 20mg
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Last updated on April 5, 2024

Product Description

Pinealon Peptide Benefits + Where to Buy Pinealon Online

Pinealon is a short peptide made up of only three amino acids. It is a synthetic peptide often known as a peptide bioregulator thanks to its ability to interact directly with DNA to change gene expression levels.

Research shows that the pinealon peptide can affect mice behavior and help protect several cell types such as neurons. When pinealon affects the pineal gland, it may eliminate problems with memory, learning, drug metabolism, and sleep disorders as research on animals has shown.

According to scientific studies, it normalizes the function of the brain by lessening its peptide deficiency and reinstating protein synthesis inside the cells.

Currently, scientists and medical professionals are studying pinealon effects on the brain, especially for those with poor memory, brain injury, attention issues, stroke, depression, insomnia, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s[i].

What is Pinealon Peptide?

Pinealon is an oligopeptide comprised of glutamyl-asparagine-arginine (Glu-Asp-Arg). Research shows that this product offers a multitude of geroprotective properties and can lessen the effects of aging. Studies show that it works like an anabolic in the brain, slowing the rate of aging and sharpening memory, focus, and attention.

Additionally, pinealon studies have found that it also affects the muscle cells, changing the expression of irisin – the compound that protects muscle cells during a workout and stimulates weight loss as research on animals has shown. By increasing pinealon peptide dosage, this protein helps fight off the effects of aging, oxidative stress, and weight gain. There’s also evidence that pinealon can prolong one’s life.

Current research into peptide pinealon focuses on its ability to avoid oxidative damage to prevent the negative effects of aging. Oxidation is a process in which reactive oxygen species (free radicals) interact chemically with healthy tissues in the body to cause damage. It is this damage that contributes to the aging process.

Research in rats suggests that pinealon can increase the effects of endogenous and exogenous antioxidants to strengthen cells resistance to oxidative damage from free radicals.

Pinealon Peptide Benefits

Brain protection

Research in rats shows that pinealon protects neurons against oxidative stress. As a result, it also protects motor coordination and cognitive function. According to the study, the rats showed decreases oxygen species accumulation and the quantity of necrotic cells. Thus, pinealon protects the neurons from degrading.

These findings are confirmation that pinealon shields against reactive oxygen species and lessens necrotic cell death. Fascinatingly, pinealon modulates the cell cycle by triggering proliferation pathways[ii], offsetting many of the harmful effects of reactive oxygen species.

It’s hardly surprising that scientists are intoxicated by this protein. Considering that it shows great potential in treating a myriad of complex neurological conditions, scientists are desperate to learn more about pinealon peptide and how it works. So far, the research is extensive but not in-depth enough to make it FDA-approved and available to the general public. With further research, medical professionals hope this will in the near future become a reality, as it could save a lot of lives and improve life quality.


Studies of brain cortex cells indicate that pinealon can lift expression of 5-tryptophan hydroxylase through epigenetic changes. 5-tryptophan hydroxylase is important to the production and secretion of serotonin, a peptide with powerful neuroprotective and geroprotective features.

Further research shows that pinealon treatment is a signaling molecule most often targeted by selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). This means it could be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety disorders.

Improved Sleep

Pinealon also affects the sleep-wake cycle. Research suggests that pinealon therapy may help to regulate sleep dysfunction caused by various factors that influence normal sleep patterns. It also resets the pineal gland, helping to improve sleep, mood, blood pressure, and depression as research on animals has shown.

Poor sleep patterns are strongly connected to negative aging effects such as high blood pressure, memory loss, and heart issues. By improving sleep patterns, pinealon supplement may help to prevent the negative effects of aging.

Heart Health

Caspase-3 plays a prominent role not just in neurological tissue but in apoptosis throughout the body. Recent research has discovered heightened levels of caspase-3 fragments in the blood after myocardial infarction, suggesting that enzyme regulation could help protect cardiac tissue. This also means that pinealon may be able to protect the cardiovascular system following a heart attack.

Further evidence suggests that pinealon may be able to reduce lipid peroxidation and enhance the solidity of red blood cell membranes. By decreasing lipid peroxidation, pinealon may potentially reverse the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, preventing heart disease and heart attack.

Pinealon Review 2022

Overall, pinealon is an effective peptide that can help a number of health conditions such as depression, heart disease, brain disorders, and sleep issues as research on animals has shown. Right now, it is not available for consumption, but researchers are avidly studying it for its health properties. More and more research is coming to light about pinealon uses and effects.

A major bonus is that there are minimal pinealon side effects. Researchers conclude that this is a safe peptide with few side effects as tests have sown.

If you would like to purchase pinealon for your own research, please make sure you order from a well-known and respected establishment. There are a multitude of companies out there selling cheap pinealon to buy, but the quality is poor and not fit for effective scientific research.

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Author info: The information provided in this article was taken from studies carried out by recognized researchers including Willis G.L., Boda J., Freelance C.B., Khavinson, V., Y. Ribakova, K. Kulebiakin, E. Vladychenskaya, L. Kozina, A. Arutjunyan, and A. Boldyrev.


[i] Willis G.L., Boda J., Freelance C.B. Polychromatic light exposure as a therapeutic in the treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease: A controlled exploratory trial, Frontiers in Neurology, Volume 9, 2018:

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