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Topical Melanostatin DM Review 2021

Melanostatin DM, also known as melanotropin release-inhibiting factor (MIF or MRIF) is a peptide that inhibits the release of melanotropin. Its sequence is His-D-Arg-Ala-Trp-D-Phe-Lys, its molecular formula is C41H58N14O6, and its molecular weight is 842 g/mol.

Melanotropin is a melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH), a hormone that controls melanin pigment production. By inhibiting its effects, Melanostatin peptide[i] is able to lighten skin tone and reduce skin discoloration. Researchers say it may be useful for the treatment of photodamage as well as many other skin conditions involving an overproduction of melanin.

If you are a medical researcher interested in learning more about Melanostatin DM, read on.

Melanostatin Research

Melanostatin DM is being extensively researched in animal and in vitro models for its ability to alter melanin production. Scientists believe this peptide may be a potential treatment for skin pigmentation issues. Further studies imply that Melanostatin amino acid may also be useful in the treatment of disease that triggers skin discoloration, such as diabetes and Addison’s Disease.

However, scientists will need to perform more comprehensive research before you can buy Melanostatin as an over-the-counter treatment.

What is Melanostatin Peptide?

Melanostatin definition: a peptide that inhibits the release of melanotropin. Melanostatin-DM is a synthetic version of Melanostatin, a molecule derived from oxytocin, the well-known happy hormone.

Melanostatin comprises of only three amino acids and has the ability to block the affects of the opioid receptor, thus triggering dopamine receptors and inhibiting the release of α-MSH neuropeptide. Owing to its extended amino acid sequence and structure, Melanostatin hormone can only affect α-MSH signaling in animal models.

How Melanostatin Works

According to scientific research, Melanostatin DM functions as a skin whitening agent and brightener. Studies suggest Melanostatin treatment can interfere with the synthesis of melanin to lighten the skin tone and lessen pigmentation and discoloration.

Studies performed on animal models indicates that Melanostatin DM peptide antagonizes melanocyte stimulating hormone, a hormone that instructs pigment cells, or melanocytes, to produce melanin. This hormone tends to increase in humans during pregnancy. It’s usually triggered by sun exposure and certain diseases such as diabetes.

Research shows that Melanostatin’s interference with melanocyte stimulating hormone effects can prevent the activation of tyrosinase enzyme. Tyrosinase is an enzyme[ii] responsible for the first step in melanin production. It converts tyrosine into another compound known as dihydroxyphenylaline (DOPA), which causes skin darkening. Melanostatine prevents the production of melanin, thereby preventing and reversing skin darkening.

The research so far is compelling. With further research, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of this intriguing topical peptide.

Melanostatin Uses

Research shows there are a few skincare benefits of Melanostatin[iii]. Here are the proven benefits of this cosmetic peptide.

Melanostatin Skin Whitening

There are various ways to lighten the skin. According to experts, the best way to lighten skin is by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. Doing this reduces the synthesis of melanin so that existing skin cells undergo gentle exfoliation with less melanin, revealing lighter, more even toned skin.

Tyrosinase is the primary enzyme in the formation if melanin. By lessening its activity, one can experience improved skin tone and a lighter complexion. The way to achieve this is by blocking the production of tyrosinase, inhibiting its activity, and preventing it from darkening the skin.

Melanostatin topical is proven to prevent activation of tyrosinase. Used as a topical skincare product, it may reduce freckles, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, and darkened skin. With consistent use, this peptide promotes lighter, brighter skin.

While you won’t currently find it in most cosmetics, researchers believe it will not be long before you can purchase it as an over-the-counter treatment. The research thus far is indeed promising.

Melanostatin Skin Discoloration

Animal studies and testing in lab-grown human skin cells indicate that Melanostatin peptide can significantly reduce melanin production in melanocytes. Research shows that the compound can inhibit approximately 25% of melanin production. This goes to show that this topical skincare treatment is indeed effective in lightening skin and improving skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation is a common dermatologic issue that arises from an overproduction of melanin, the skin’s main pigment. With excessive sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations, melanocytes become hyperactive and release too much melanin, resulting in dark patches on the skin. Heredity also plays a role in abnormal melanin output, leading to pigmentation disorders such as melasma.

Melanostatin DM significantly lessens the production of melanin and prevents hyperactivity from occurring. As a result, it’s an effective treatment for pigmentation issues.

Melanostatin Side Effects

Researchers generally consider topical use of Melanostatin as safe. Like with all skincare ingredients, there is always a risk of certain potential adverse effects. In such cases, these may include skin irritation, redness, rash, or a temporary burning sensation of the skin.

At present, Melanostatin is not yet approved by the FDA. That said, research thus far hasn’t shown any severely negative side effects of Melanostatin when used topically.

Melanostatin Review

Melanostatin DM is a melanotropin release-inhibiting factor peptide that inhibits the release of melanotropin. This hormone works by controlling melanin pigment production. Ultimately, it inhibits its effects in order to lighten skin tone, correct discoloration, and prevent the darkening of skin. Scientific investigators say Melanostatin peptide may be useful for the treatment of photodamage. It is also noted that it may treat other skin conditions involving excess melanin production.

While there’s not extensive research surrounding the effects of Melanostatin, it’s clear from the studies already performed that this peptide may be helpful in the lightening of skin.

To date, there are many positive reviews about Melanostatin DM and its effects on the skin. We hope with further research, we’ll be able to understand the full scope of its effects on the body.

Where to Buy Melanostatin DM

When buying Melanostatin online, it is fundamental that you purchase it from a reputable supplier. Choose a company with a positive track record and that manufactures its products in the United States.

You will find topical Melanostatin DM for sale online at Peptide Sciences online store. Their US made Melanostatin for sale is made for the purpose of topical application. If you are a medical researcher looking to investigate the effects of this research peptide, you can buy Melanostatin peptide directly from the online store.

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Author info: The information provided in this article was taken from studies carried out by recognized researchers including Yousuf Hussain Mohammed, Antonio Morán Ramallal, Abu Ubeid, Anan, Longmei Zhao, Ying Wang, and Basil M. Hantash, Cho Lee, Ae-Ri.



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