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ARA-290, a high-purity peptide variant of erythropoietin (EPO) made in the USA, stimulates red blood cell production, reduces inflammation, and offers neuroprotective effects. It is currently undergoing research for its potential benefits in lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, enhancing wound healing, and reducing HbA1c.

Preclinical studies suggest that ARA-290 promotes islet cell survival, potentially improving blood sugar control, and accelerates tissue repair. Additionally, it has been associated with disease prevention, including retinal ischemia, by aiding in the repair and regeneration of blood vessels. Furthermore, ARA-290 seems to boost the immune system by interacting with tissue-protective receptors on immune cells, reducing proinflammatory cytokines.

It also appears to provide pain relief in conditions like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and post-amputation, by influencing receptors involved in pain signaling. These promising findings need to be confirmed in human clinical trials.

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Last updated on October 29, 2023

Product Description

ARA 290 for Sale, High Purity, USA Made

ARA-290 is a peptide and a variant of erythropoietin (EPO) which is shown to stimulate red blood cell production and reduce inflammatory pathways. Scientific research indicates that ARA 290 peptide helps reduce HbA1c, lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol, stimulating wound repair, and producing neuroprotective effects.

In this article, we are going to provide in-depth information about ARA-290, its research, and its effects. If you are a researcher looking to investigate this peptide for its therapeutic effects, you can buy ARA-290 directly from our shop. Scroll down to learn more about ARA 290 peptide.

What is ARA 290?

Derived from EPO, peptide ARA 290 is currently being investigated for its ability to promote cell survival, regulate blood pressure, and stimulate blood vessel growth, among other benefits.

Studies show that this glycoprotein also offers neuroprotective and pain-relieving effects. ARA-290 phase II trials have completed and the peptide will be entering phase III trials to better understand its effects on diabetes.

Benefits of ARA 290 Peptide

ARA 290 Tissue Health and Protection

According to studies carried out on mice, ARA-290 treatment helps to promote the health and survival of islet cells[i] in the body by inhibiting macrophage activation. Islet cells provide more control over blood sugar than exogenous insulin, leading to a decrease in complications. While these cells do not survive transplantation for long, ARA-290 research shows that this peptide can prolong the survival of islet cells.

Research also demonstrates that ARA peptide protects against normal inflammatory responses and boosts tissue protection. Thus, resulting in fast wound healing, fast repair, and reduced mortality as research on animals has shown.

ARA 290 Disease Prevention

Research in mice shows that ARA 290 administration prolongs cell survival and enables endothelial colony forming cells (ECFCs) to both rebuild and repair blood vessels in the body. By protecting these cells, it can also prevent retinal ischemia, a leading cause of blindness in industrial nations.

Further studies indicate that ARA peptide enhances migration, proliferation, and health of ECFCs, targeting areas of the vasculature in need of repair.

In the medical world, ara290 could be the future of tissue repair, protein building, and hormone production.

ARA 290 for Sale
ARA 290 peptide treatment is associated with an improvement in HBA1C. [PubMed]

ARA 290 Immune System Booster

According to recent clinical trials, ARA-290 could help to strengthen the immune system.

To briefly explain, the tissue-protective receptor (TPR) is expressed on different immune cells including lymphocytes, macrophages, mast cells, and dendritic cells.

Drawing from scientific evidence, ara-290 can bind to this TPR on immune cells and directly influence their function. When ARA 290 stimulates TPR, it drastically reduces the release of proinflammatory cytokines like IL-6, this reducing disease severity and preventing diseases from occurring in the first place.

ARA 290 Pain Relief

Neuropathic pain is hard to control, but studies show that targeting the innate repair receptor can lessen inflammation and reduce neuropathic pain. Research on animals also shows that ARA-290 injection is able to act on the IRR and also inhibit TRPV1 activity. By acting on this receptor, ARA 290 peptide can treat pain associated with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and amputation as research on animals has shown.

Treatment with ARA-290 therapy can also increase the number of small nerve fibers[ii], which often accompanies certain autoimmune diseases, resulting in significant pain relief. Scientists strongly believe that a high ARA-290 dosage could be an effective treatment for nerve damage witnessed in diseases such as diabetes, celiac disease, thyroid disease, and HIV as research on animals has shown.

ARA 290 for Sale
ARA 290 administration shows a significant improvement in pain. [PubMed]

Advantages of ARA 290 Peptide

ARA 290 peptide, a derivative of erythropoietin (EPO), has displayed promising results in both preclinical and clinical studies. It selectively interacts with the innate repair receptor, promoting tissue protection without eliciting hematopoietic activity, making it a valuable tool in research​​.

This peptide has demonstrated efficacy in metabolic control and neuropathy, particularly in subjects with type 2 diabetes. For instance, ARA 290 has been found to improve hemoglobin A1c and lipid profiles, as well as alleviate neuropathic symptoms as measured by the PainDetect questionnaire. In addition, it has shown potential in protecting against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity, a common side effect of chemotherapy, by mitigating oxidative stress and inflammation, and reducing apoptosis​​.

ARA 290 Before and After

In experimental models, ARA 290 has shown notable effects in mitigating various disease conditions. For instance, before and after administration of ARA 290 in a phase 2 study involving subjects with type 2 diabetes and painful neuropathy, there were significant improvements in metabolic parameters and neuropathic symptoms. It was also observed that the mean corneal nerve fiber density, a parameter indicative of neuropathy, significantly increased in the ARA 290 group as compared to the placebo group​.

ARA 290 Cycle

In research studies, ARA 290 is typically administered daily over a given period. For example, a typical research cycle may involve daily subcutaneous injections for 28 days, followed by an observation period without further treatment. These cycles can vary based on the specific research study and the condition being investigated. For instance, a research cycle studying neuropathic pain used a regimen of 5 mg/day ARA 290 administered subcutaneously over 4-5 weeks​​.

ARA 290 Dosage

The dosage of ARA 290 used in research can vary depending on the specific research study and the condition being investigated. Studies have used a range of dosages from 0.1mg to 1mg daily, with some trials using as much as 4mg or 5mg daily. In a study investigating its effects on osteoarthritis, a daily dose of 0.1mg of ARA-290 was found effective in improving joint function and reducing pain and inflammation. It is important to note that ARA-290 is not FDA-approved for any condition, and its use should be under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional​​.

ARA 290 Injections

ARA 290 is typically administered as a subcutaneous injection, meaning it is injected under the skin. This method has been used in various research studies, including those investigating its effects on type 2 diabetes and painful neuropathy, and cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity​​.

How to Use ARA 290

In research studies, ARA 290 is typically administered subcutaneously, with the specific site of administration often varying across studies. Given its biological activity and potential therapeutic applications, it is crucial that ARA 290 is handled and stored properly to ensure its stability and effectiveness. Researchers should take all necessary precautions to maintain sterile conditions during administration and consider potential safety issues and side effects when designing their studies.

How to Mix ARA 290

Peptides are typically reconstituted using bacteriostatic water or another suitable solvent, following strict procedures to ensure sterility and maintain the stability and effectiveness of the

peptide. The specific method of reconstitution can vary depending on the peptide and the research context. It’s also important to remember that peptides should be stored properly after reconstitution to maintain their stability.

Here is a general method for mixing peptides for research:

  1. Start with a clean and sterile environment. This will help avoid contamination of the peptide.
  2. Use a sterile syringe to draw up the reconstitution fluid (typically bacteriostatic water).
  3. Slowly add the reconstitution fluid to the vial containing the lyophilized peptide. Do not directly inject the fluid onto the peptide powder; instead, let it gently slide down the inside of the vial.
  4. Gently swirl (do not shake) the vial to help the peptide dissolve. It’s important to avoid shaking, as this can potentially damage the peptide.
  5. Once the peptide is fully dissolved, it’s ready to use for your research. Any unused peptide should be stored in the refrigerator (not freezer) to maintain its stability.

Remember, the exact method for reconstituting and storing a specific peptide like ARA 290 should be informed by the peptide’s characteristics and the specific requirements of your research.

Best ARA 290 Results

ARA 290, a peptide derivative of erythropoietin (EPO), has shown significant promise in research due to its selective effects on tissue repair and neuroprotection without the hemopoietic action of EPO. It has garnered considerable attention from researchers, particularly for its potential role in wound repair in diabetes and immune modulation in autoimmune diseases.

For instance, a Phase 2 study on type 2 diabetes and painful neuropathy revealed that ARA 290 improved both metabolic control and neuropathy in subjects, with significant improvements in hemoglobin A(1c) (HbA(1c)) and lipid profiles. Notably, neuropathic symptoms, as assessed by the PainDetect questionnaire, improved significantly in the ARA 290 group​​.

Research Topics ARA 290

Efficacy of ARA 290 in Addressing Specific Conditions

Research on ARA 290 has demonstrated its potential efficacy in addressing specific conditions. It has exhibited protective effects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity, a form of kidney damage induced by chemotherapy. In this study, ARA 290 significantly reduced DNA damage and inflammation markers induced by cisplatin. Additionally, it ameliorated oxidative stress and apoptosis caused by cisplatin, suggesting ARA 290’s potential as a therapeutic approach for patients with acute kidney injury​​.

ARA 290 Peptide’s Role in Cellular and Molecular Biology Research

In cellular and molecular biology research, ARA 290 has been utilized to investigate its underlying mechanisms of action. In a study on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity, ARA 290 was found to significantly decrease the gene and protein levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNFα, IL1β, IL6), apoptosis marker Caspase-3, and pro-apoptotic protein Bax. Conversely, it significantly increased the gene and protein levels of anti-apoptotic protein Bcl2. These findings suggest that ARA 290’s protective effects are mediated through its anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant potentials​​.

The Potential of ARA 290 Peptide in Drug Development

Given its neuroprotective and tissue repair effects, ARA 290 presents substantial potential in drug development for various medical conditions. It has cleared Phase 2 trials and is currently in Phase 3 trials for its potential use in wound repair in diabetes and immune modulation in autoimmune diseases​​.

Synthesis and Modification of ARA 290 Peptide

Recent advancements in peptide research have led to the synthesis and modification of ARA 290 peptide for medicinal applications. A study demonstrated the synthesis of a modified version, DOTA-(Lys-Dabcyl^6, Phe^7)-ARA-290, using Fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis strategies. The synthesis process involved the use of Fmoc-Lys-(Dabcyl)-OH, a lipophilic amino acid, and Fmoc-Phe-OH, which were substituted with Arg^6 and Ala^7, respectively.

This modified peptide was then investigated for its ability to detect ischemic cardiac imaging. The modified ARA-290 was labeled with technetium 99m and its radiochemical purity, stability in the presence of human serum, and specific binding to hypoxic H9c2 cells were evaluated. Results showed that the radiolabeling purity was over 96% and in vitro stability of the radiopeptide up to 6 hours was 85%. In vivo studies confirmed that this radiopeptide considerably accumulated in the ischemic region. These results suggest that 99mTc-DOTA-(Lys-Dabcyl6,Phe7)-ARA-290 could be an appropriate candidate for early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia​​.

What is ARA 290 used for

In research, ARA 290 is primarily utilized to study its potential therapeutic applications in various medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, neuropathic pain, nephrotoxicity, and autoimmune diseases. Researchers have also used ARA 290 to study cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying its effects, including anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant pathways​​.

Future Research Directions for ARA 290

ARA 290’s future research directions are geared towards exploring its new therapeutic applications, further investigating its underlying mechanisms, and developing optimized ARA 290 analogs. These pursuits promise to enhance our understanding of ARA 290 and its potential in treating various medical conditions.

Future Potential of ARA 290

ARA 290 has shown promising potential in preclinical and clinical studies for its tissue-protective and anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers suggest that ARA-290 binds specifically to the Innate Repair Receptor (IRR) and activates downstream signaling events that may promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation. This could potentially help attenuate pain caused by tissue injury​​.

Several studies have explored the effects of ARA-290 in different contexts. In diabetic wound healing, ARA-290 administration resulted in accelerated wound closure, increased collagen and protein content, improved biochemical parameters, increased antioxidant levels, and decreased inflammatory cytokine levels in rat models. This suggests that ARA-290-mediated IRR activation could signal downstream action in wound repair​​.

Research also suggests that ARA-290 may attenuate the age-associated decline in cardiac function, reduce systemic inflammation, and preserve late-life body weight, ultimately reducing frailty and improving health span in rats of advanced age​.

ARA 290 Clinical Trials

ARA-290 has shown potential in combatting retinal ischemia, a leading cause of blindness. The peptide may protect endothelial blood vessels and reduce inflammatory expression of interleukin cells in the retina, leading to minimal inflammation and faster recovery in experimental mouse models of retinal ischemia​​.

ARA-290 may also alter the presentation of antigens by dendritic cells, thereby altering adaptive immunity. This could potentially be useful in transplantation by preventing immune cells from rejecting transplanted tissues. Research also indicates that ARA-290 may have anti-inflammatory action and possibly reduce disease progression in various autoimmune disorders​​.

In clinical trials conducted on patients with Sarcoidosis, a disease characterized by an abnormal accumulation of inflammatory cells, ARA-290 showed significant improvement in symptoms.

When Will ARA 290 Be Available?

Many researchers are questioning ARA 290 availability due to the fact that it isn’t yet FDA approved. However, it is available to purchase as a research drug only as of December 2023.

Currently, ARA 290 is of primary interest for its ability to control neuropathic pain and boost the immune system. However, it also has the potential to stimulate wound repair, protect the vasculature, and provide pain relief for pain related to HIV, celiac disease, and more as research on animals has shown.

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