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TB-500, also known as Thymosin Beta 4, is a synthetic peptide that naturally occurs in mice and is currently under research for its potential effects on the immune system and physical endurance. Initially discovered in the 1960s, it has been used in clinical trials on horses to prevent wounds and enhance performance. The peptide functions by upregulating cell binding proteins, promoting healing, cell growth, and proliferation, thus aiding in wound repair and building new blood vessel pathways.

Recent studies suggest that TB-500 could be beneficial for animals suffering from infection or autoimmune diseases by strengthening the immune system and facilitating quicker recovery. The peptide also shows potential in treating inflammatory conditions, promoting muscle growth and repair, treating blood clots, repairing soft tissue damage, and assisting in cardiovascular damage recovery. Current research is exploring its ability to heal damaged heart tissue and treat autoimmune diseases and infections.

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TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4) 2mg
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Product Description

TB 500 Thymosin Beta 4 2mg High Purity & USA Manufactured

What is TB-500? With the rising demand for a strong and healthy immune system, scientists are desperate to find an immune system drug.

TB-500, or Thymosin Beta 4, is a peptide that could do precisely that.

TB-500 is a synthetic modification of Thymosin Beta 4, a protein that naturally occurs in the mice’s body. While the TB500 peptide is only currently available for research purposes, its effects on strengthening the animal immune system look promising.

What is TB 500?

According to research[i], TB 500 naturally occurs in both mice and animal bodies, with effects such as boosting the immune system, improving endurance, and increasing strength, among other things, as tests showed.

It is commonly implemented in clinical trials in horses and used extensively for racehorses to prevent wounds from forming. TB-500 peptide can also improve the overall performance of racehorses.

Thymosins were discovered and studied in the mid-1960s when Dr. Allan Goldstein from the Laboratory of Abraham White at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York focused on the development of the thymus gland in the vertebrate immune system.

Goldstein then founded a company that creates thymosin alpha 1 for the sake of heightening immune cell activity to promote wound repair and healing.

The first use of thymosin dates back to 1974, when a young girl received TB-500 injections after being diagnosed without a functioning thymus gland.

Effects of TB 500 on the Immune System

According to recent scientific studies, thymosin beta 4 peptide has been shown to offer a number of the same effects of growth hormone (GH). Some of these TB-500 benefits include increased strength, improved endurance, boosted flexibility, lessened acute pain, a faster healing process, and increased hair growth in animal bodies.

The main functionality of TB500 is based on its ability to upregulate cell-binding proteins. For example, actin — a protein that forms with myosin — has been shown to enable TB500 to promote healing, cell migration, cell growth, and cell proliferation in animal tests. Thus, helps to build new blood vessel pathways and promote good inflammation that leads to faster wound healing, as research on animals has shown.

Owing to its molecular structure and low molecular weight, this peptide is extremely versatile and can travel long distances through tissues.

Researchers say that when an animal is injured, TB-500 can circulate through the mice’s body and allocate those areas of injury to stimulate the healing or growth process.

Recent studies have also shown that in addition to thymosin beta 4 immune system effects, TB 500 can also improve flexibility, reduce inflammation, and even re-grow hair[ii].

Currently, studies are also being carried out on TB-500’s ability to heal damaged heart tissue, including ventricular hypertrophy on animals.

Thymosin Immune System Drug Research

According to studies, mice fighting infection have a lower level of circulating thymosin beta 4 and suppressed helper T cell numbers than healthy mice.

Optimal immune function is critical to recovery from infection, so without it, this could be very dangerous.

Immune system supplementation with thymosin beta 4 could significantly benefit animals suffering from an infection or autoimmune disease, as it would mean making the immune system stronger and enabling them to recover more quickly and effectively.

Tb 500 assists the immune system in the location and eradication of infected cells while helping to prevent oxidative damage and decreasing inflammation, as research on animals showed.

Other Noted Thymosin Beta 4 Benefits

Thymosin Beta 4 uses also include the following, as research on animals has shown as of April 2024.


Studies show[iii] that TB-500 treats inflammatory conditions, as it acts effectively on inflamed tissue and even enhances the mobility of joints, by lessening joint inflammation.

Muscular health

According to research, TB-500 muscle growth and repair effects have been noted. It can also control muscle spasms in the animal body.

Blood clots

In addition, TB-500 can be effective at treating blood clots. According to studies, peptide Thymosin Beta 4 can also promote the growth of new blood cells, as research on animals has shown.

Soft tissue damage

Recent research demonstrates that Thymosin Beta-4 for muscle repair, as well as repair to tendons and ligaments is effective. It has additionally been shown to reduce scar tissue in animals.

Cardiovascular damage

TB4 has been noted to promote new blood vessel formation or angiogenesis in animal bodies.


According to scientific studies, the TB4 peptide can help treat conditions such as autoimmune diseases and infections. Scientists also insist it can help Lyme disease and traumatic neurological injuries in animals.

Side Effects Of TB 500

As of present, TB-500 is a research drug. It is not legal for consumption. This may be down to its past controversial studies — like its connection to cancer.

Some studies suggest TB500 could contribute to the growth of existing cancer cells, while others insist it may inhibit cancer.

So is TB-500 safe? Overall, scientists consider TB500 a safe and effective peptide. There are some side effects of Thymosin beta 4 that have shown up in animal test subjects, including lethargy and weakness.

Advantages of TB-500 Peptide April 2024

TB-500, also known as Thymosin Beta-4, is a peptide with a variety of advantages for researchers like us. Its ability to promote cell migration, angiogenesis, and proliferation makes it an essential tool in exploring wound healing and tissue repair processes. Moreover, TB-500’s anti-inflammatory properties offer valuable insights into understanding the role inflammation plays in a range of pathological conditions.

TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4) Research Topics

The efficacy of Thymosin Beta-4 in treating specific conditions

Numerous studies have revealed the potential of TB-500 in addressing various health concerns in animal models. For instance, research on rodent models of ischemia has shown that Thymosin Beta-4 can help protect the heart from damage and promote functional recovery. Additionally, studies involving horses have indicated that administering TB-500 may aid in healing tendon injuries and reduce the occurrence of adhesions.

The Role of TB-500 Peptide in Cellular and molecular biology research

The versatile properties of TB-500 make it a valuable asset in cellular and molecular biology research. The peptide’s ability to stimulate the production of different growth factors and promote cell migration has been vital in examining cell signaling pathways and understanding the mechanisms underlying tissue repair and regeneration. Furthermore, TB-500’s interactions with actin and its impact on cytoskeletal dynamics have offered essential insights into cell motility and the molecular basis of cellular movement.

The potential of TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4) Peptide in drug development

As researchers continue to explore the various applications of TB-500, it’s potential for drug development becomes more apparent. The peptide’s demonstrated effectiveness in different animal models, combined with its minimal side effects, make it an appealing candidate for further investigation. Potential therapeutic applications could encompass treatments for cardiovascular diseases, wound healing, and assorted inflammatory conditions.

The synthesis and modification of Thymosin Beta-4 Peptide

Synthesizing and modifying TB-500 is critical for optimizing its utility in research settings. Techniques such as solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) and recombinant protein expression systems have allowed for the production of high-purity TB-500. Additionally, modifications such as site-directed mutagenesis and the incorporation of unnatural amino acids can provide insights into the peptide’s structure-activity relationship and help fine-tune its biological properties.

Future Research Directions for TB-500

TB-500’s diverse applications make it an exciting area for future research. Potential avenues for exploration include its use in tissue engineering, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer research. Furthermore, studies aimed at revealing the molecular mechanisms behind TB-500’s effects will contribute to a better understanding of its therapeutic potential and support the development of innovative treatment strategies.

TB-500 before and after in Research

Significant progress has been made in understanding the effects of TB-500 both before and after its administration. Pre-treatment studies have clarified the baseline properties of cells and tissues, while post-treatment analyses have showcased the peptide’s capacity to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and improve cellular function. These findings have supplied crucial insights into the molecular mechanisms underpinning TB-500’s therapeutic effects.

TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4) Cycle for Research

A typical TB-500 research cycle involves administering the peptide to animal models at specific intervals to study its effects on various physiological processes. These cycles can differ in duration and dosage, depending on the research question being explored. Researchers can then gather data throughout the cycle to assess the peptide’s influence on cellular function, tissue repair, and other relevant outcomes.

Best TB-500 Thymosin Beta-4 results in research

Some of the most compelling results from TB-500 research include its demonstrated efficacy in promoting wound healing and tissue repair, as well as its protective effects on the heart in animal models of ischemia. Moreover, research has shown that TB-500 can reduce inflammation and promote the regeneration of damaged tissue, making it an attractive candidate for further study in various pathological conditions.

Where to Buy TB-500?

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When buying TB-500 peptide, remember to always looking for a peptides 2023 supplier that states the illegality of peptides for mice usage. Thymosin Beta 4 to buy should only be purchased by licensed researchers with the intention of using TB 500 for research purposes only.

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Author Info and References

Author info: The information provided in this article was taken from studies carried out by recognized researchers, including H. Kaur and B. Mutus, D. Philp, S. St-Surin, H.-J. Cha, H.-S. Moon, H. K. Kleinmice, and M. Elkin, Kyoung Soo Kim and Hyung-In Yang.


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