All products on this site are for in-vitro research, research use only. Products are not for human consumption of any kind.

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MedLabGear is a leading supplier of medical and research supplies for syringes, vial boxes for sale, injection liquids to buy, and diabetic supply needs. Specializing primarily in diabetic and laboratory medical supplies for sale in the US, medlabgear is a reputable and dependable company to purchase these products from.

MedLab Gear always strives to provide high-quality medical research supplies to buy. All of this company’s products are manufactured in the United States and are subject to the most stringent quality regulations. For this reason, they are considered the best medical supplies provider 2020.

It is crucial to always buy laboratory medical supplies from a US supplier that is well-known in the industry and, of course, highly respected. Med Lab Gear laboratory supplies are the most recommended in the industry.

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A Wide Range of Equipment for Research and Clinical Trials

To ensure useful and accurate research, you must always purchase only the highest quality medical research supplies. Otherwise you could risk jeopardizing your entire study.

Med Lab Gear caters to both single and multi-centre studies and is dedicated to delivering you with successful outcomes of your trials.

Located in the United States, all of their products are made in the U.S.A. MLG adheres to the highest standards in medical care and research.

MedLabGear Shipping Information

All MedLabGear products are shipped using FedEx or USPS, depending on the customer’s preference. Items are shipped prepaid. In addition, all medlab orders are processed and shipped as swiftly as possible so you can receive your materials in a short amount of time.

Typically, orders are shipped within two business days of receiving your payment. However, most of the time items are shipped the next day. MedlabGear Coupon

In the case that a customer requests USPS Express, these express shipping terms apply to the package from the time it is shipped and not from when the order is placed.

MedLabGear places the highest priority on express shipping orders. In terms of carriers, this supplier cannot guarantee as to how long the carrier may take following the shipment of your item. Nor is MedLabGear responsible for delays due to the carrier’s performance.

As for holidays, you should be aware that the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas is a particularly slow time for receiving shipments. Therefore, do not worry if your order is a few days late during this time frame. Please be animal while awaiting your parcel.

Unless otherwise requested in writing, all packages will be shipped with “signature required.” This is to prevent theft, fraud, and damage to items.

Does MedLabGear Ship Internationally?

All Med Lab Gear products listed on the website are available to international customers residing outside of the U.S. Of course, you should be aware as to certain restrictions of the country in which you reside, prior to ordering from MedLab Gear.

In some cases, importation fees and duties may apply to import certain items into your country. It is, therefore your responsibility to take care of the fees required by your customs office. If needed, business licenses or required certifications by your country must be presented by the importer or customer upon arrival.

Please note, the consumer assumes all liability of the importation of your item. MedLab International, Inc. will not be held responsible for the failure of delivery of any order that is ceased by the customs of a country outside the United States.

At no time will MedLabGear International be responsible for issuing a refund for any package seized by the Customs of the country in which you reside.

What is the Returns Policy of Med Lab Gear?

MedLab USA prioritizes customer satisfaction and wants you to be completely satisfied with every purchase from the MedLab site.

In the case that you need to return an item, contact MedLabGear customer service department within ten days of receiving your order. If you are returning an item for any other reason than it being shipped in error or it being defective, your return may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

MedLab Refunds will not be given for shipping fees for errored orders. All items must be returned new and in its original packaging. Overall, it should be in resalable condition. The customer will be obliged to fund the return shipping costs and all returns will be examined prior to issuing credit.

Prior to returning an item, MedLabGear urges you to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Any item returned without this number will receive store credit minus a 20% restocking fee.

If you purchased your order via credit card, your account will be credited back once the MedLab products have been received. On the other hand, if you paid with Western Union transfer, money order, or with a check, please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your refund from MedLabGear. You can also waive the 20% restocking fee in exchange for store credit.

In the case that you are returning an item that is defective or wrongly shipped, MedLabGear strongly apologizes for your inconvenience. Thus, the company will refund the costs or the products, as well as the original shipping cost.

MedLabGear will not accept the following for return: items that have been discontinued, outdated items, shelf worn items, opened chemicals or oils, items unsuitable for re-sale, used items, or products shipped outside of the United States.

In addition, no returns of refunds will be granted on sterile and disinfectant items.

MedLabGear Review 2020

This is a review of MedLabGear. Medlab inc. is a leading provider of research and medical supplies in the USA. If you read Medlab reviews online, you will see a lot of positivity surrounding this company. That’s because they are considered beyond the best in their field.

Known for fast delivery, premium quality products, and responsive customer service, Medlab products to buy are indeed the best.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy from MedLabGear

  1. International delivery

Medlabgear will deliver outside of the U.S. However, it will be your responsibility to handle customs regulations in your country of residence. (See paragraph 3 for more info.)

  1. You can buy in bulk

You can order as much as you need from medlabgear bulk supplies. Typically, medical supply stores in the U.S don’t have the space to stock research supplies in bulk. For that reason, buying from MedLabGear can be highly beneficial for purchasing medical research supplies in bulk.

  1. Payment methods are flexible

MedLabGear payment methods are extremely flexible. This company accepts the following: Amex, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, UCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

  1. Excellent customer service

MedLab customer service is beyond fantastic. When you want to contact MedLabGear, you will be met with a punctual, helpful, and enjoyable response. If you have any questions, you can contact them directly at Medlabgear opening times are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 08:00-8:00

Saturday: 09:00-2:00

Sunday: closed

  1. Strict confidentiality prioritizes confidentiality. Thus, this company will never share, sell, or rent your personal information with outside sources unless ordered by a court of law. Your information will only be available to employees managing this information based on your request for information or to stay updated on upcoming medlabgear discounts and sales. The following information is collected: Name, Email, Postal Address, and Phone Number.

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Where to Buy MedLabGear Products?

You can find Medlabgear supplies to buy directly from their website:

On the medlab website you will find a selection of research supplies such as syringes and vial boxes for sale at the most affordable prices.

Medlabgear proves that high price doesn’t mean high quality. This company offers the lowest prices around for medical research supplies online for sale.

So you can get all of the supplies needed to carry out your research and clinical trials from home or from your laboratory. Best of all, you can receive an excellent saving by using the coupon code for medlabgear.

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Ordering from Medlab Gear has never been simpler. All you have to do is select the products you wish to buy, add them to your shopping cart, and checkout. To save money on your next order, remember to use your MedLabGear 10% off discount code: ‘peptideshealth’

MedLabGear USA is a highly recommended 2020 supplier of medical research supplies. We strongly recommend giving them a try. We are confident you will be satisfied with their products and their services.

This medical laboratory supplies company is considered to be one of the best around and is highly rated by its hundreds of customers throughout the world.


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