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Decapeptide-12 Skin Lightening Treatment

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Scientists are currently investigating Decapeptide for its skin lightening effects.

By intervening with tyrosinase, peptide decapeptide 12 is able to brighten and lighten skin tone in animal subjects.

hat is Decapeptide-12?

As Decapeptide-12 is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor, this could be a potential cure for skin hyperpigmentation issues.

Decapeptide-12 Effects on Skin Lightening

Decapeptide 12 is mainly known for its ability to inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity, which is accountable for producing melanin in the skin.

ow Decapeptide-12 Works

Decapeptide 12 Effects on Skin Lightening

Much research on decapeptide12 centers around its skin lightening effects.

Decapeptide 12 Effects on Skin Lightening

An animal study[i] investigating the safety and efficacy of topical decapeptide-12 in photodamage discovered that the peptide reduced skin pigmentation significantly.

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Research shows[ii] that decapeptide 12 is around 17 times more powerful than previous treatments for hyperpigmentation.

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While the decapeptide 12 studies continue, it is not yet included in commercial skincare products for hyperpigmentation.

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