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How Follistatin 344 Increases Muscle Growth & Other Effects

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How Follistatin 344 Increases Muscle Growth & Other Effects

According to scientists, follistatin-344 peptide can increase muscle mass and strength by suppressing myostatin – the protein that restrains muscle growth.

Benefits of Follistatin-344

Humices, cows, rodents – all mammals with developed characteristics possess follistatin peptide in their bodies.

What is Follistatin-344?

High in the non-essential amino acid cysteine, follistatin hormone peptide blocks muscle blockers in the body.

If you’re wondering what benefits Follistatin 344 offers, the main one is muscle growth.

How Follistatin-344 Increases Muscle Mass and Strength

According to scientific research[i], Follistatin-344 binds to and inhibits growth factor peptides such as myostatin.

High levels of this hormone can also limit muscle growth and recovery.

Follistatin-344 Muscle Growth Effects

Clinical studies show that high Follistatin 344 dosage does indeed build muscle.

Where to Buy Follistatin-344?

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