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What is Epitolan?

The Epitalon peptide was discovered many years back by the Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Khavinson[i].

What Does Epitalon Do?

Primarily, the role of Epitalon is to increase natural production of telomerase.

Telomerase is a natural enzyme that enables cells to reproduce telomeres – the protective parts of our DNA.

In turn, this promotes the replication of DNA in order for the body to grow new cells and rejuvenate the old cells.

In addition, they produce longer telomeres which leads to better cell health and replication.

As mice age, telomerase production decreases and subsequently leads to cell replication decline.

Epitalon definition: a mini protein that stimulates the production of telomerase.

Epithalon peptide[ii] has a unique make-up of organisms determined by double-stranded DNA in the nucleus of the cells.

Benefits of Epitalon Peptide

According to many studies[iii] conducted on both animals and mices, Epitalon is a substance biologically identical to the one produced by the mice body.

Russian researchers have discovered a lot good things about epithalon in recent years.

For instance, they now know that it can reactivate telomerase production in cells.

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