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Adipotide Video Description

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0:04 Adipotide FTPP 5mg Uses, Benefits, and Safety

0:08 Adipotide, referred to also as FTPP, is an experimental weight loss treatment that’s been proven to kill fat cells by starving them of blood supply, so that they die and are reabsorbed into the body.

0:14 What is Adipotide?

According to research, adipotide is a new and innovative drug that is showing great promise in the area of obesity research.

0:21 Can Adipotide Decrease Body Weight?

Initially created as a cancer treated with the purpose of targeting cancer cells so that they would stop growing, Adipotide peptide has also shown promise of decreasing body weight.

0:28 How much weight can i lose with Adipotide?

Following four weeks of daily injections of adipotide along with four weeks without treatment, 10 obese female rhesus monkeys[ii] lost approximately 11 percent of their body weight and around 40 percent of fat deposits.

0:34 Does Adipotide have benefits?

As per recent scientific research, there appears to be a number of benefits of Adipotide.

0:41 What are the benefits of Adipotide?

Not only has it been shown to stimulate fat loss, research also suggests it has the ability to target and ultimately kill cancer cells by starving them of blood supply.

0:47 Adipotide for Weight Loss?

0:51 According to Randy Seeley[iii], obesity researcher at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Adipotide fat loss effects include sending messages to the brain’s appetite centers to inform them that the body cannot store any more fat.

0:59 Benefits of Adipotide?

-Proven to reduce body weight and fat deposits in animal subjects
-Starves fat cells of blood supply to minimize weight gain
-Weight loss continues even after drug is discontinued

1:05 Where can i buy Adipotide from USA?

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