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What is SS 31?

SS-31, also known as Elamipretide, is a small peptide that targets cell and mitochondrial membrane.

Cardiolipin makes up the inner mitochondrial membrane, in which its function includes being part of the electron transport chain.

Elamipretide Clinical Trials

SS-31 drug is the first peptide to undergo clinical trials as a possible treatment for this disorder.

Clinical studies indicate that elamipretide peptide increases mitochondrial respiration and enhances electron transport chain function, resulting in improved mitochondrial function.

SS 31 Peptide Benefits and Effects

Scientists are thoroughly investigating the effects of elamipretide in treating primary mitochondrial diseases like cardiomyopathy, Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy, and Barth Syndrome.

In phase 1, Stealth conducted a trial evaluating SS 31 safety, tolerability, and effectiveness in treating mitochondrial myopathy.

Results showed that elamipretide treatment improved mice’ exercise capacity and mitochondrial functioning.

In phase 2, researchers examined mitochondrial disease mice who participated in the trial to evaluate their results and the safety of elamipretide.

SS31 Elamipretide Review 2020

In elamipretide phase 3, researchers evaluated daily ss-31 injections for their safety and ability to treat the disorder.

Primary mitochondrial diseases (PMDs) are caused by dysfunction in the energy-creating apparatus of mitochondria.

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